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vrf VEE 6.2 and Import Library object

Question asked by warren.pickles on Feb 25, 2004
I'm in the process of migrating from VEE 6.01 to VEE 6.2.  I found a minor
issue, not a bug as such, but it might catch you out, so I describe it below
for the record.

The Import Library object:  If you enter just the library file name in the
box, not the full path, VEE looks for the file in a "default directory".  In
VEE 6.01 that default directory is your working directory, ie the directory
you specified during installation as the directory containing your VEE files
- in my case this is C:vee_user.  But in VEE 6.2 the default directory is
the desktop.  So when I run my program in VEE 6.2, it gives an error because
it can't find the library file to import.

The same goes for the Definition File field if it's a compiled function.

The fix is simple, just specify the full path in all your import library

For the record I didn't find any other funnies about 6.2.

Warren Pickles

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