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vrf Agilent I/O library config file

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 19, 2004
Hi, all,

Have you got any idea which file is used for saving I/O configuration made
by Agilent I/O library config utility. I have in mind file name and how is
it possible to read information from this file.

My trouble is that I have got Agilent E5810A LAN-GPIB gateway but I can not
find a way how to execute Dynamic I/O config in run-time if I have got some
devices connected through  E5810A LAN-GPIB gateway.
The VEE7 example FindInstrumentsUsingVisa.vee gets data like
GPIB0::14::INSTR which is impossible to use in VEE7 for instrument connected
trough E5810A LAN-GPIB gateway. One have to know LAN-GPIB gateway Ethernet
IP address and use address like 714. My idea is to read Agilent I/O library
config file where information about LAN-GPIB gateway Ethernet IP address
present. In this file it is possible to get answer if GPIB0::14::INSTR
correspond to LAN-GPIB gateway or not, too. It is clear that devices
connected through GPIB board have the same VISA address type  like

Thanks in advance.
Mikhail Kozlov

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