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Question asked by scubaman on Jan 29, 2004

I posted something recently about vxl, and got some back-channel inquiries,
so I thought I'd post a couple of notes on things I recently had to do
where vxl came in really handy, or stuff I found out.  Maybe these notes
help someone else.  I am not an activeX guru, so any help I can get from a
pgm is something I really appreciate.

1. Find 1st empty row.  Very useful for data logging!  The function is in
vxl.  Also, in the current version there is find 1st empty column.

2. Insert a row: xl.ActiveSheet.Range("A2:A4").EntireRow.insert  3 rows
after the 1st row.  Similarly xl.ActiveSheet.Range("A6").EntireRow.delete
deletes the 6th row.  xl.ActiveSheet.Range("A1:E1").EntireColumn.insert
inserts columns and xl.ActiveSheet.Range("A1:E1").EntireColumn.delete
deletes columns.  I don't have to worry about setting up constants, these
work directly in a formula box.

3. I needed to do a global search and replace.  I used an activeX function
for that because it was not in vxl.  The call is
in a formula box.  G and B are inputs for the search-for and replace-with
strings.  Again, no other setup was required, defining more constants etc.
The problem I ran into was that when the G-string was not found the program
would hang with a warning in excel that I had to click to get past.  (And
now you also know why I named the input parameter G and not A   vxl has
a setup function than needs to be invoked at the start of the program, in
that function there is a setting for DisplayAlerts.  By setting that to
FALSE the program bypassed these alerts.  vxl also told me that I could
dynamically change that behavior by putting xl.DisplayAlerts=False|True
into a formula box to avoid trip-ups with other warnings.

4. There is a nifty utility function that I made extensive use of.  It
actually has nothing to do with excel, but saved me having to write it.
It's an array search function:  search for a string in column 1 of a 2D
array, and output the corresponding element from column 2 if found.
Unfortunately, it breaks if an element is repeated in column 1.

I think it's a slick program.  It does a lot of the common things one does
with excel in a lab.  And Greg Wale supports the program really well
(thanks, Greg!)

And btw I am not associated with passtechnologies or Greg, just a pretty
happy customer.
Richard Kleinhenz
Wafer Engineering

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