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vrf Scripting with Array

Question asked by rsb on Dec 4, 2003
Hi All

I have an application that uses VBScripting internally
and I would like to control it via ActiveX Automation.

Mostly working fine but I seem to have found a stumbling
block when it comes to Array values

In particular script excerpts include:

Dim oHfssApp
Dim oDesktop
Dim oProject

   these guys become Declare Variable objects with no issues

Set oHfssApp  = CreateObject("AnsoftHfss.HfssScriptInterface")
Set oDesktop = oHfssApp.GetAppDesktop()

   these guys copy directly to a formula- again with no issues

oProject.InsertDesign "HFSS", "HFSSModel1", "DrivenModal", ""

    this becomes  oProject.InsertDesign("HFSS",HFSSMODEL1","DrivenModal","")
    again- no issues

Now comes the one with array parameter (below). I've tried several
ideas to no avail. SO- what's the VEE equivalent for these calls?

oEditor.CreateBox Array("NAME:BoxParameters", "XPosition:=", "0mm", "YPosition:=",  _
  "0mm", "ZPosition:=", "0mm", "XSize:=", "2.6mm", "YSize:=", "0.6mm", "ZSize:=",  _
  "0.6mm"), Array("NAME:Attributes", "Name:=", "Box1", "Flags:=", "", "Color:=",  _
  "(132 132 193)", "Transparency:=", 0, "PartCoordinateSystem:=", "Global", "MaterialName:=",  _
  "vacuum", "SolveInside:=", true)

oDesign.ChangeProperty Array("NAME:AllTabs", Array("NAME:Geometry3DCmdTab", Array("NAME:PropServers",  _
  "LocalVariables"), Array("NAME:NewProps", Array("NAME:Lz", "PropType:=", "VariableProp", "UserDef:=",  _
  true, "Value:=", "1"))))

probably something very simple I'm overlooking



Stan Bischof  Agilent Technologies  707-577-3994

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