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vrf AW: Minimimze Window on Second PC (Tek7000 series scope )

Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 27, 2003
> Seems, that you understood correctly.

Ok! In that case I know what to do.

> As this program is part of an automated measurement programm
> we would like not to have any human input....

Very commendable. None is necessary.

> Sounds not very nice....

Not too bad at all. A Windows Script File will do it. You can keep it simple
and run it as a scheduled event every 30 seconds or so:


Sub JitterMon()
  Dim wsh
  Set wsh = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
  wsh.AppActivate "<JitterTitle>"
  wsh.SendKeys "%{Tab}"
End Sub


Make <JitterTitle> any part of the Jitter3 application's title. It'll
activate it to make sure it's the current app, then send Alt-Tab to switch
to whatever other application is running. This assumes that Jitter3 and the
scope application are the only things running. If you need to access any
Windows API functions, you can probably find the appropriate wrappers in an
Automation Library somewhere. Failing that you can always make a dll that
does exactly what you need and run it as a scheduled task via Rundll32.exe.

You could even make the wsf respond to a command from VEE using sockets - so
it wouldn't just be running blindly at some interval. Of course, the .wsf
file gets more complicated but not appallingly so.

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