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Question asked by gurday on Dec 9, 2003 wrote:
> I have a question for all of the experts on using Matlab in VEE.  I'm
> trying to import some Matlab code into my VEE program.  We're decoding an
> Manchester encoded digital signal and one of our engineers wrote a Matlab
> script to do this.  As part of his script, he reads and writes to excel
> from Matlab.  I'm assuming with some ActiveX control.

from your code snippet below it appears to use the Excell Link Toolbox.
Not at all sure that Matlab can do ActiveX.

> When I copy and paste his script in my program, it runs fine until it gets
> to the point where it tried to read the data from excel.  I haven't tried
> the write section yet, but I'm sure it will not work in its present form.
> %Import Excel lookup table to convert digital messages from hex to decimal
> format
> [xlsdata xlshex] = xlsread(' Output_02.xls');
> for j = 1:length(hex_data_message),
>     accel_dig(j) = xlsdata(strmatch(hex_data_message(j), xlshex));
> end

Are you using the Matlab Script that comes with VEE or have you linked
to a full install of Matlab? If the former you will have problem
since script doesn't include Excel Link.

If the latter- do you have Excel Link toolbox available?


Stan Bischof  Agilent Technologies  707-577-3994

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