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vrf Is there any DisplayObject like Container Information

Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 24, 2003
To control remote GPIB instruments try this:

Remote host:
Configure LAN server from remote host Agilent IO libraries (just click Configure and OK).
Activate LAN server from Agilent IO libraries programs folder.

Configure LAN client from Agilent IO libraries.
>From instrument manager, change your GPIB interface gateway property "This host" to your remote host.

Play the game.


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Hello Hans-Joachim,
no dream at all - just use To/From Socket and send variables between the two machines. These variables may be parsed out and used like local variables to control your application.

Works fine in my applications between VEE and LabVIEW. The connections via Internet can be done directly in the same manner, but I prefer to buffer web-distributed data in a SQL server to avoid code-change whenever IP's or names are changed - and both security and data traceability is granted outside your main application.


P.S.: never touch a running code ))

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Dear all,

a big VEE program is in operation since a couple of months. It runs quite stable locally in a RF chamber. Now I need to control the instruments remotely via a LAN. I tried to understand the LAN functionality of VEE reading the manual. This did not really help me in short time.

Is there a "simple" possibility to implement remote control of the instruments via LAN without touching major parts of the existing VEE program. I would like to have just a switch that tells to the computer in the RF chamber "take all commands from remote computer at x.x.x.x". The remote computer should be advised "send all commands to remote computer y.y.y.y where the GPIB instruments are connected"

Is this just a dream or is this possible? Are there guidelines how to achieve it available?

Actually in the final end the remote control has to be via internet.

Hans-Joachim Fischer

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