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vrf AW: VEE via LAN (more on Remote Desktop)

Question asked by VRFuser on Dec 2, 2003
> your assumption is correct. I developed a VEE program for a customer who
> about one hour from my office. As the program is very complex and allows
> a large number of options, obviously my customer from time to time finds
> bugs. It would be extremly helpful that I can command his set up from my
> office using exactly the same software in development mode as he is using
> runtime mode. ...

> Your proposal looks feasible although not favorable, as I do not want to
> such a box for each customer. Further on manual manipulations of the IO
> interface in the setup are not feasible.

There is no need for the extra box.  If the customer has an open (to you
network and you know the IP address, all the customer has to do is start the
Server (an option under Agilent IO Libraries).  Now all his GPIB devices are
available to you (Just go to Agilent IO Libraries - IO Config and start a
LAN Client - eg 5810 for each of his GPIB cards, using his IP address and
GPIB number of each of his GPIB cards.)  They are now yours to use - looking
like "normal" GPIB cards to VEE.

Les Hammer
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