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vrf Creating an archive of useful files and programs

Question asked by VRFuser on Dec 9, 2003
Hi VRF'ers,

A short while ago there was a discussion on setting up a website for holding
useful files and programs that would interest VEE programmers and helping the
VRF community in general. Well, 1&1 is having a promotion thru Jan 15, 2004,
where they are offering free webspace for 3 years (or until they change their

Here's the basics what they are offering...

- 500 MB storage
- 5 GB/month traffic
- 128K files
- No limit on simultaneous hits/bandwidth
- Domain name transfer or creation $6/year
- up to 50 subdomains
- Firewall protection
- Continuous backups
- No setup fee!

There's a ton more, like POP3 email, FTP, PHP, SSH, MySQL, etc. You DON'T need
a credit card to sign up. You can go to to get all the details.

I throw this out in case someone was interested in setting up a website for
the VRF community, but didn't have the means. Well, here you go.

Mike Groves

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