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vrf VEE Speed Question

Question asked by VRFuser on Dec 11, 2003

>I am using polar display (Smith chart), but it seems that I cannot display 2 curves that have different magnitude and phase.
>I would like to display two curves as I do in X vs. Y graph, when I can see the name of the curve.
>I would like to know if smith chart has the same capability.
>It is very important to see the name of the curves on the graph.

From the Help for Polar Plot:
When more than one trace is to be plotted, each execution of the Polar Plot object uses the single angle input data with each trace's Radius input data, therefore, all traces share the single angle input.

So it seems it will not work to have curves with different angle scales. This is pretty inconvenient for Smith charting, so I will log an enhancement request.

I have made Smith charts in Matlab, though the code is kind of old. Let me know if you are interested.

Bill Ossmann
Philips Ultrasound

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