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vrf AW: simulate Mouse click

Question asked by VRFuser on Dec 2, 2003
> Why do you use the ClientToScreen-function at all?

The mouse coordinates passed with the WM_MOUSEMOVE message are relative to
the client area of the receiving window. The WindowFromPoint function needs
screen coordinates.

When VEE is maximized, there isn't much difference between them - the client
area starts just below the menu bar in the Y direction and at the left side
of the screen in the X direction (which, since it's maximized, doesn't have
a frame. Otherwise it's just after the frame).

> Windows operating system is deep an wide.

Deep doo-doo I thought at first. Lately it's gotten a lot better. The first
time I looked at Programming Windows I thought, "I will *NEVER* be able to
understand all this stuff." Fortunately I was wrong

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