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vrf FW: Fw: Agilent Vee Pro 7

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 30, 2003
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2003 by gurday
> "1. The ability to make windows type file menus. ActiveX get close but not
> the same. (My ActiveX menu example that is floating around.)"

It's possible to do exactly what Windows does of course, and you can grab
VEE's menu and change it in whatever way you wish, or make an
honest-to-goodness Windows menu for your vxe and use it like a real menu.
The problem is Windows programming in VEE. It's not impossible (witness the
PrintScreen example) but it can be pretty difficult.

The biggest obstacle is the subclassing (necessary to respond to menu
clicks). It's pretty simple to subclass VEE, but it has to be done from a
dll and in order to implement command handlers in VEE, VEE has to respond to
the message reception event, though the dll can implement a simple filter to
pass messages that your VEE command handlers don't need to see on so as not
to flood VEE with work.

I thought I had a neat solution using a Visual Basic Automation library that
subclasses VEE and passes events up to VEE via an ActiveX event, but when I
tried to implement it I found I didn't know enough about Visual Basic to get
it done, and I don't want to wade through IConnectionPoint and all that
stuff in C++. Someday I'll get back to this, but for now I have too much
else to do.

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