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vrf CallableVeeServer Compatibility: VeePro6.1 and VeeRunTime6.1

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 28, 2003
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2003 by VRFuser
Robert (and all) -

>> If the CallableVeeServer is started by a VeeRuntime 6.1 only the scalar
>> outputs contain data. The 1Dim outputs have the datatype 8 = nil, which
>> means they are not pinged.

> Actually, Mike Groves recently detailed what appears to be a
> propagation bug in 6, and it looks like Agilent agrees.

Sorry guys, I messed up. The originator was actually Christian Wienhold on
10/15 with the subject "VEE 6 bug presentation". It details a propogation
problem and I got Christian and Mike's messages mixed up as Mike's was fresh
in mind.

Robert: did you find out what's going on?

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