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vrf Web server activation

Question asked by willie.kiely on Mar 3, 2004
I know I used this a long time ago, but I need to ask as my notes are

I want to view the main panel on the PC next to the one running the Vee
application. Can someone give me step by step instructions, including paths
for the URL to set this up.


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Hi Greame,

here is what I found in my examples...

> Hi folks,
> I know this has been asked before, but my archive of VRF mailings only
> back to December.
> Can someone tell me how to get the Windows Directory Selection dialog?  I
> only want the user to select a directory name as I'll be creating the
> filename programmatically.
> Cheers,
> Graeme Hilton
> R&D Engineer
> Schlumberger Sensa


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