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vrf Announcement: It's here!

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 17, 2004
Hello vrf-ers,

You heard it here first!

The Agilent VEE Pro 7.0 30-day Evaluation download was posted just a few minutes ago at

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It's about 250 MB and contains the same bits as are on the 7.0 product CD. That means that it has ALL the 7.0 features, plus if you buy or upgrade to 7.0, you won't need to reinstall when your CD arrives, just apply your Product Key to the Evaluation you downloaded and keep working.

If you have any problems with this download, please contact Scott.

We do not yet have Evaluation CDs available. We'll announce on the vrf when they become available.

To check out the feature list for 7.0, go to

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You can also get price quotes or purchase VEE from there.

We expect to start shipping VEE 7.0 upgrades and new orders within the next 2 weeks; it will take a while to get all the outstanding orders shipped so yours may not arrive right away. The 30-day Evaluation is a good way to bridge potential gaps if a 250 MB download is reasonable for you.

If you bought 6.2 or had a current VEE or DEV (VEE + Toolkit bundle) Support Contract as of May 1, 2004, you are entitled to a free 7.0 upgrade. To get this upgrade as quickly as possible, you MUST go to

     < >

and register there if you haven't already. Otherwise we won't know where to ship your 7.0 package.

Best Regards,

Nicole Dierksheide
Scott Bayes

Software Technical Support

Agilent Technologies, Inc.
815 14th Street S.W.
Loveland, CO, U.S.A. 80537

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