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Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 29, 2001

> Thanks for your reply but I hate the answer.


Yes, this re-entrancy thing can really toss a spanner in the works.
Fortunately, there's a fairly easy work around: a function call made from a
formula object via the formula input pin will execute completely. In short,
the called function and any functions it calls will never be interrupted for
the purpose of "thread switching".

Put the text of your call in a text box, add a formula input pin to a
formula object and connect the text out to the formula pin. This is also
kinda spiffy because you can call different functions or pass different
parameters just by stuffing the text box with different stuff (via the
default value pin). All with automatic re-entrancy guard. Or of course just
use a to string and forget about the text box.

Just watch your sequencing because the formula input is a control input.

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