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vrf Create combinations from a test string

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 2, 2004
We ran an article in December 2002 questioning the jump to VB.NET. The
author was from NI. Here's the link:

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> Subject: [vrf] RE: the future of vee marketing?
> I while ago I was reading an article in Design News (Slant
> article in the 2/3/04 edition). The author was gushing on
> about how great VB.NET was for test engineers. At first I
> thought he was a shill for Microsoft until I read who he was.
> He is the Software Project Manager (in Test and Measurement)
> for Agilent Technologies!
> See the article for yourself:
> ... pubdate=02%
> 2F02%2F04
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