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vrf Feature Enhancement suggestion

Question asked by rsb on Feb 2, 2004
"Beliveau, Bruno <> wrote:
> I agree.

> In compatibility mode "Vee 3", it is possible to run from inside an object
> or a user function with data inputs (if data is present at the time of
> running the object).  When the program is "compiled" (mode "Vee 4" or
> later), Vee refuses to run because there are data input pins.  It was
> quicker to debug then.  I think it would help Andrew's situation too.

> Note: in "Vee 3" mode, we miss few things like ActiveX and the program runs
> slower.

One thing to watch out for here is that propagation changed
significantly with the advent of the compiler technology. So
debugging in compatibility mode may lead to code that still doesn't
work right in compiled mode.


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