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Using MATLAB with Agilent instruments (recorded webcast)

Question asked by tabbott Employee on Mar 20, 2012
Hi -
I'd like to share with you a recorded Agilent/MathWorks webcast, *Using MATLAB with Agilent instruments.*
Agilent Applications Engineer, Steve Crain, offers the following application videos:
  Overview:  Using Agilent Instruments with MATLAB (4:43)
Demo 1:  RADAR signal generation and IQ modulation for Agilent PSG and PXA (6:13)
Demo 2:  Making Agilent X-Series spectrum analyzer measurements (1:59)
Demo 3:  Generating a linear FM chirp using an Agilent signal generator (4:42)
Demo 4:  Waveform pre-distortion and amplitude correction using M8190A (4:53)
Demo 5:  Capturing IQ data using Agilent X-series analyzer (3:48)
Demo 6:  Testing custom modulation schemes using Agilent X-Series generators and analyzers (1:25)

Begin at the overview and view all the demos, or simply click on the Demo you are interested in.

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