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34972A and Benchlink Data Logger 3 software- simple voltage, and resistance

Question asked by caustin on Mar 12, 2012
Testing a new test bed. Using the 34972A and Benchlink Data logger 3 software. I need to make various voltages (+3V, +5V, +12V, and -12 Volts), some resistance readings (approx 400M ohms) all while taking a temp sample. I use 1- 34980A 40-Channel card for the Volt, Ohm, readings and 1- 34980A for strictly temp readings. I get a consistent 3 and 5 volt sample with no manual configuration needed, while for the bigger voltages I need to set Gain, and offset. I have tried to use just offset, and just gain, even the manual configuration (advanced settings for DC voltages- i.e. NPLC set for 1, 10 etc. etc. Channel delay set for various times, and DC input resistance for 10M and the other choice) for those particular channels. Gain with an offset seem to work the best, but I don't really seem to rely on those readings since I am telling it what numbers to use. I am trying to get this platform to work correctly and consistently before I commit to this or even the 34980A, (with 34921A and 34937A cards) which I am considering.

My test platform needs to be set up to measure voltage, resistance from around a dozen or so D.U.T.'s in a temp oven. While I'm getting those readings at the various temps I need to log the entire event also.
Any advice and assistance would be great.

Thank you,

Chad Austin