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Erroneous Calibration with Arbitrary Segment Sweeps

Question asked by khashia on Mar 10, 2012
In one experimental setup it is desired to have measurements for multiple sweeps over same frequency range(without 
time lapse).

How could we have this feature in analyzer?
We have explored multiple options but there are some issues, We have tried using arbitrary segment sweeps(with X-Axis 
point spacing), by defining multiple segments,with same frequency range in the segments table,but when we tried to 
calibrate for the setting it gave erroneous results of calibration,

we tried using cal-set for that particular range for all segments but the analyzer hanged when cal_set was applied without giving error...
How could we have proper calibration for arbitrary segments with segments defined as above?

We used Electronic Calibration and made a confidence check too ,confidence check did showed correct instrument state, but calibration was erroneous,How could we have correct calibration for this ? and if multiple segment sweep with same frequency range is available with Arbitrary segment Sweeps ..

Help required.
Thanks in advance.