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Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 28, 2004
Hi vrf'ers

Thought I would write a note about a Vee 'feel good' story, especially because of all the news stories right now.  I am sure you have heard about the Mars Exploration Rovers (MER) named 'Spirit' and 'Opportunity'.  Inside each of these is a box called the Small Deep Space Transponder (SDST).  This box provides the direct to Earth communications link for the rovers.  Vee was (and still is) used to test the SDSTs.  Vee controlled the test equipment rack, provided the data logging, some automated testing, and provided the command and telemetry interface for the testing of the these vital communication links to/from the Earth.  There are also two SDSTs on board the Mars Odyssey orbiter which is used to relay data from the rovers.

We also use Vee to test another transponder product line for near earth satellites that use the TDRSS (tracking and data relay satellite system) and GN (ground network) S-Band signals.

You can visit for more information about these systems.

Dave Andersen
Software Engineer
Communication Systems Division
General Dynamics C4 Systems

email: or

phone:(480) 441-8764
fax: (480) 441-8500

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