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vrf vbscript within Vee Pro 6

Question asked by phakluytt on Jan 29, 2004
My application is to archive files on a server drive subfolder (i.e.

(G:jobs) I have applied as the "FolderPath" fed in as input text constant
in Vee).

To start I would like to read back the names of the SUBFOLDERS in this
SUBFOLDER/Folder Path.  In this case there are 1500 approx.

In Vee I have used the METHOD "GETFOLDER" of the Object "FILESYSTEMOBJECT"
to obtain info.

It seems that all I can get as info is the number of files in the above
FolderPath by using ".subfolder and then ".count". 

Now I have two questions.

1.  Although the "FOLDER" METHOD is a selectable item in VEE, I kept on
getting errors using it. On visiting the MSDN Website, I found out why.  It
appears that the word "FOLDER" can be used only in Jscript.  So why is it
selectable in VEE?

2.  Vee does not "appear" to support reading in data from an OBJECT (or does
it?).  Is there a method of reading back an object in VEE when the METHOD
"GETFOLDER" is used and then ".SUBFOLDERS" is used.  "Folder collections" is
the object in question.

Sorry to bother you.  I am still learning this aspect of Vee and very much a

I have however been trying to get up to speed with vbscript by doing a
couple of vbscript "e-learning courses" at work just recently.

Thanks in advance,

Best Regards,


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