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vrf Airman Abram Groves!

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 18, 2004
Hello VRF community!

I'm sorry for the off-topic post, but I just needed to share
this little tidbit with some of the folks I've come to know
here on the vrf.

If you go to the United States Air Force's main website at:

Right there, in in the top center part of the page, is a picture
of Airman 1st Class Abram Groves, hand cleaning the intake of an
F-15 Strike Eagle that he is a Crew Chief over while serving in
the Middle East. Abe is my oldest son! You could have knocked me
over with a feather when I first saw it! It will remain up for
the rest of this week, then move to their archives.

A direct link to the photo with a small caption is here...
(You can click on the picture for a giant sized image.)

I know we have an international audience here with wide views
and diverse opinions on the situation in the Middle East. Please
understand I am not expressing any opinion on the conflict one
way or the other. I'm just a proud parent seeing my son do a job
to the best of his ability and get recognized for it.  <wink>

Thanks for the opportunity to glow for a few days!

Mike Groves

(We should probably keep any replies off the vrf as a courtesy
to others that get enough email as it is.)

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