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Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 22, 2004

my proposal for Agilent would be to store all the VRF traffic on their website, maybe within ADN. This would help to retrieve the historical Q&As. If it shall be very nice and easy, the system could try to generate threads from the email subjects. A full text search at least should be possible.

Thomas Berger
NOKIA GmbH, Ulm, Germany

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"Chris Phipps" <> wrote:
> Hi Scott/VRF
> My only concern is that if there is again more than one place to post
> your VEE related problem/bug/news then where is the skill you need for
> your post? Is it on the Agilent VRF or on your "new" forum. Every time
> there is a watering down of knowledge in this way then we are more
> likely to move new/potential VEE users away (to labview...) as they
> won't get the support they need from day one from our usually well
> supported community.
> This was exactly the same argument when Agilent wanted us to move over
> to Agilent Developer Network where you have to deliberately log on to a
> web site to post your comment and hope that someone will log into the
> site who can help you!! The vrf gives near instant results for people
> have email drop into their inbox and can be read and responded to
> straight away "help is just a click away".

I'd suggest that the ideal solution would be a VEE web-forum-like
interface to the VRF mailing list. Some folks like logging onto a forum
and dealing with the web interface. Others like dealing with email.

Why not build a forum that incorporates both?

i.e. when I post a note to VRF it shows up on web forum and vice-versa?

heck- to do it right include usenet!


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