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vrf Bug with "From String" Text Timestamp

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 12, 2004
Dear all,

I refer to my recent problem. Probably I found a work around.

The problem was:

The "From String" should read date and time, e.g. "11/Nov/2002 15:21:53" and
convert it into UNIX time (Read Text Time Stamp). Although the date and time
string was available at the input pin, an error message informed about
either "end of file reached" or "no data available". This error occured only
for some contexts of the whole VEE program.


between the formula that produced the date and time string and the input to
the "From String" I inserted an other formula as follows: A+"
", i.e. I
added an other "end of line" to the string, which is visible at the output
of this inserted formula as a square.

Dear Agilent experts: Please correct "From String" in version 7!!!!

Hans-Joachim Fischer

Brennerweg 7
D-89143 Blaubeuren
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