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vrf How to transfer data from the PNA N3382A to an

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 5, 2004
The attached is a C# file that uses the T&M Toolkit to transfer data from
either a PNA or ENA.  Though it is not a vee program, you should be able to
get the instruction sequence from this example.

At 10:13 PM 2/4/2004, Yvette Woo wrote:
>I have a question on how to use VEE Pro 6.2 to obtain measurement data
>from the PNA N3382A to an external PC. I am able to use VEE Pro to save
>the measurement data onto the hard disk of the PNA but I don't know how to
>transfer the data to an external PC. So does anyone have any idea of how
>to do it?
>Thank you!
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