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vrf Job opportunities in the RF / Test Equipment industry

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 16, 2004
<DIV><STRONG>Folks -</STRONG><BR> <BR>Our company has had one of the most major lay-offs in its history - <BR>eliminating a lot of positions. As a result of which I am in the Job <BR>Market looking out for suitable positions.<BR> <BR>I have a 10+ year experience in the Medical Electronics field, the last <BR>5 of which are from GE Medical Systems. I have acquired a great deal of <BR>experience with designing <STRONG>Automated Test Stations</STRONG>(<STRONG>ATE's</STRONG>) utilizing <BR>Agilent VEE Pro. I have spent a considerable amount of time in Customer <BR>Support Roles, earlier in my career.<BR> <BR>I have worked extensively in the Radio Frequency arena - mainly in the <BR>Magnetic Resonance Imaging area (MRI Scanners).<BR> <BR>I am wondering if any of you might forward any open position listings <BR>within your organizations.<BR> <BR><STRONG>Scott B - How do I look up listings in the Automated Test Equipment <BR>group of Agilent? <BR></STRONG> <BR><STRONG>Thanks for all  your help,<BR>Deependra Gangakhedkar<BR></STRONG></DIV><p><hr SIZE=1>Do you Yahoo!?
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