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vrf New Line -string manipulation

Question asked by rsb on Feb 6, 2004
"Zhang, Dale" <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a vee to accumulate chars to form a string to be displayed in
> alphaNumeric window. After getting an unique char like Q, I want the string
> to be displayed in a new line. How could I achieve this?
> I tried to add "
", but vee does not know it. The location of the unique
> char "Q" will vary. So I can not use the fixed array size.

for lots of stuff like this the TO STRING and FROM STRING objects
are invaluable.

In this case take your string and run in through a FROM STRING
with a single transaction; TOKEN format, EXCLUDE "Q", Array 1D
and then on to the display.

The FROM STRING will parse your string into a string array with the
delimiter of your choice.



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