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vrf R: Using Matlab under VEE

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 25, 2004
Unfortunately, the Matlab program I'd wish to run under VEE, has some
recalling for external functions, so, it won't work anyway, I guess.
The only way I can imagine to make that job done, is to get a licence
for Mathworks' Matlab RunTime Engine.

Daniele Carnevale.

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Inviato: gioved 25 marzo 2004 19.18
Oggetto: Using Matlab under VEE

> Of course, the directory and the name of the file are correct. But all
> could get is: "MATLAB Script execution error: error number 593 - Error
> loading C:...interp_mod_phase.m. M-files cannot be run in Runtime

To my knowledge, one cannot run M-files inside of the VEE Matlab
Script server.  What you can do is open
your Matlab script window and your M-file and then copy and
paste from the latter to the former. 

Painful I know, but at least it works.

-- Danny

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