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vrf RS232 Instruments config

Question asked by ashley on Mar 29, 2004
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2004 by ashley
Thanks everyone for the advice on this.

Barrie's comments seem the best solution for me (i.e. make the instruments
'Not live'). It just seems a pity that the io.config setup is not embedded
within the main .vee / .vxe file.

I agree that RS232 com ports on PC's will be  a thing of the past soon but
at least the USB-serial converters have come right down in price. I was
going to develop the hardware myself for our ' Microchip PIC16F877' module.
That was,  before I found the converters (Prolific)  for 5 pounds each. I
could not even buy the parts for that price.

thanks again,


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