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vrf 7.0 Reminder!- NI-GPIB Cards -

Question asked by detlef.baranski on Mar 25, 2004
Just one hint for those who use an NI-GPIB Card and are also switching to
VEE 7....
Read the README carefully-you need a new  Version of NI Libs:

info from Ken
"VEE 7.0 uses VISA and has to have Agilent IO Libraries M.01.04 or later.
IF (and ONLY IF) the NI library is there too, it must be VISA version 3.0 or
later.  We documented this in the README file that comes with it."

The trap is that there is an actual software version for the NI GPIB Card on
then NI-Website which just uses Version 2.3.... that was just one day of

Hope this warning helps somebody from getting frustrated.

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