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Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 6, 2004
> I'll second that!  (Recursion)

Me too.

> Recursion is hardly ever needed

Oh i dunno! Once you start thinking in terms of recursive algorithms you
start seeing them everywhere.

> I needed to check the size of each sub folder in a folder
> once.  I needed to use a VB DLL to do this using recursion.
> P.I.T.A.

Totally. There is somewhat of a workaround. If you have the Script control
installed you can write recursion in VBS or JScript. It's still no fun
though - just adding the code to a script control instance gets messy.

> Also the need for callback functions.

A great need for Windows interaction. Unfortunately since VEE isn't compiled
there will never be an executable address of anything, but you can kind of
do it. Use the address of a function in an Automation library as the
callback address. Have the library callback function fire an event, and
catch the event with VEE. Not quite the same, but it works.

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