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vrf switch COM port

Question asked by bwalden on Feb 20, 2004

I can rarely resist an opportunity to complain about the manner with
which Vee handles serial ports.  I looked at Mark's suggested solution
but was unable to run it because my computer doesn't have the Com ports
his has; I immediately get a "Com2 not configured" red box error which
can't be trapped.  This means that if you are trying to write a portable
application, you better configure your development machine just like all
those your handiwork will run on if you are going to use this method for
port selection.

There are probably other ways to deal with this but I haven't spent much
time looking for them because of another major problem: although Vee
allows changing serial ports on the fly for Direct I/O objects, it does
not provide the same functionality for serial port "Interface Event"
objects.  I don't know how anybody does much with serial ports without
using events but, with Vee, when you use them you lose all ability to
allow port selection at runtime.

The solution I have chosen is to use ActiveX objects for serial I/O
(GreenLeaf's CommX.ocx, Microsoft's MSComm.ocx, JS Payne's IO.ocx,
etc.).  One of the many benefits is that when I use Mark's port
selection method, the drop down list only contains the serial ports
available at that time on the runtime machine.


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