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vrf ActiveX

Question asked by bkrueger on Feb 18, 2004
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2005 by VRFuser
Hello all,

     thanks for the help on my last ActiveX problem. Now there is
another problem with it. I wanted to install the ActiveX on a WinNT4 PC
but errors occured: can`t load (or register) io.ocx.
I tried manual registration "Regsvr32 io.ocx" but also an error
(0x0000007e) occured. On a second PC, NT4 the same.
A second try with deinstallation, deleting io.ocx and new installation
gave the same result.

My development PC runs Win2k and VEE 5.02, Target pc WinNT4 and VEE

Thanks in advance


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