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vrf using .net in Vee 7.0

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 27, 2004
Hi Detlef and vrf-ers,

This is very cool!! I hadn't thought about building forms on the fly with .NET. Doing the set Var = CreateInstance() is important for this because it lets you interact with the control later on through the Var (like the Public does for my VB .NET example).

Though of course adding non-VEE code that responds to the controls (handlers) will probably be difficult without compiling some VB or C#.

Right now, it looks like you should be able to "poll" and set control states for a similar level of interaction as the example I posted. Not pretty, but may be useful in some cases.

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> Here are 2 V7-samples  about playing with forms.
> There is no interaction possible, but maybe in helps in
> simulating "real
> windows feeling ".
> It is not ready yet ...
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> detlef
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