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vrf Drawing lines on a Excel chart.

Question asked by gregwale on May 3, 2004

The best advice I can think of for stuff like this is to record an Excel
macro while you draw those lines manually, then you can save the macro and
replay it from a worksheet or translate it into VEE. You will probably need
to edit the macro to handle different data. There are resources on my
website under technical articles for translating VBA into VEE.
Greg Wale

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> Hi all.
> This is not really a VEE question. It's more of a Excel Macro question.
> However the data was gathered and entered in to an Excel  template by VEE
> and some of you know VB.
> Anyway, on some of the charts I have limit lines that I wish to connect a
> vertical line to (at the start of them), which either goes to the top of
> the chart or the bottom.
> Does anyone know how this can be done in VBA, so I can add it to my macro?
> Best regards
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