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vrf Microcontrollers and VEE--Are anyone working on anything along these lines?

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 12, 2004
Stefan ,
in my eyes it's a question of the problem to solve.
I have solutions based on Z84 , PIC16f877  (communications serial at
19.2/38.4 Kbps) and USB ( EZUSB-board ). Programming simple Operating Sytems
for the Controllers and an ActiveX-Control for the USB allows me to use f.e.
any A/D-Converter and additional switches and so on ( I very like the ADC
AD7714 with up to 24Bit and build-in programmable digital filter ).
All ready-to-use solutions including the Meilhaus-Boards can't be changed if
your problems change.
A here not mentioned way is to use Multimeters with serial interface
(Voltcraft, Metex) .They are slow but very precise .

Detlef Kersten

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