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vrf VEE 7.0 VISA selection

Question asked by detlef.baranski on Apr 15, 2004
Hello Doug and list,

hopefully a professional can give you the correct answer.
I can only give you some expriences when i run into trouble about this- and
i do not know if the following is 100 % correct , but maybe it helps.
First of all, only with the newer versions of Iolib and NI-Visa there is a
If you install NI-Visa.lib , it has to be Version 3.x to run under Vee7,
otherwise the IO-Instrument Manager will not run under Vee7.
The NI-Visa is normally the VISA.DLL in windows , if there is the Agilent
Visa as a second, the Agilent one is renamed as Visaold.dll or similar.
So normally this VISA.DLL is the first one , and is used as a first one.
Have a look in your dll -directory- if this is all correct, it should work
in the correct way.
If you dont want to use this Ni Visa lib anymore, you have to rename the old
Agilent lib, and then it works again....
If i understand the manuals correctly , there is no need to use NI lib as
both seems to be compatible ?

Hope that the Agilent IO VISA Lib expert can clarify this, or can give a
hint where to find the correct documentation about this- within the tons of
readmes ...

best regards,

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Betreff: [vrf] VEE 7.0 VISA selection


Does anybody know the rules that VEE 7.0 uses when selecting the VISA
driver when two VISA drivers are installed?  VEE 6.2 would select National
Instrument's VISA if it was the primary VISA driver.  With VEE 7.0 I can
direct the IO manager to a TCPIP configured VISA device and it finds
the device.  Since this device is not configured under NI's VISA it must
be using Agilent's VISA.  Which VISA is used for the GPIB0 connection
is unkown to me since both VISAs configure it.  I have a need to
force the use of NI's VISA since it configures the GPIB card differently
from Agilent.

Doug Teigland
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