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vrf Antwort: Dynamic links to images on a toggle control

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 18, 2004
Hello vrf-ers,

Some months ago a number of vrf-ers requested an easier way for your end-users to get access to the VEE Runtime installers via the web. At that time the runtimes were available only through the ADN, requiring a registration and login, then following some links for your end-user to get the installer. You wanted it to be easier for them.

We were listening.

Nic and the ADN Webmaster went to work and put together a page of easy runtime downloads for:

VEE 7.0
VEE 6.2
VEE 6.1
VEE 6.01
VEE 5.01

You should send your end-users who need to install VEE Runtimes to < >, where they will be able to get any of these runtime downloads very simply and easily. There are readme files there as well, with short instructions on downloading and installing.

Note that some of the runtimes have different unzip/installation instructions because they come from different eras. 7.0 is far and away the easiest (a single file when unzip-ped), but for some of the older ones it may be worthwhile for you or your end-users to read the readmes.

If your users select any of the other links on that page they may be required to register or log in to ADN, but for the runtime downloads and readmes there's no such requirement.

Best Regards,

Scott Bayes (for Nic)
Software Technical Support

Agilent Technologies, Inc.
815 14th Street S.W.
Loveland, CO, U.S.A. 80537

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