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vrf the future of vee marketing?

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 6, 2004
> If you're going to take the time and resources to become
> proficient with a particular language, then you would
> like that skill to make you more sellable in the future.

Unfortunately things change very quickly. I spent a long time with C, and
then C++ was all the rage. So I started doing C++. Then after 5 years with
MFC, suddenly I found out that you really need API experience before you
understand what's really going on. Then while I was doing that I had to
delve into series 80, 96, 97 and 98 languages. Then it was RMB. Then it was
Basic for Windows. Then VEE.

As far as general purpose Windows goes, the emphasis moved away from C++
some time ago. I'm an "old timer". It switched to VB, now it's C#, VB and
their interaction with .Net. Tomorrow it will be something else.

Thank god the various Win APIs remain C based. As long as that's true I'll
still know what I'm doing. For the most part anyway.

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