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vrf AW: vrf Create combinations from a test string

Question asked by detlef.baranski on Apr 2, 2004
Hi folks,

I see a lot of energy going into "Vee's place in the world" discussions
and, curiously, almost nothing about the Ver 7.0 release.  Does this
mean few have tried it or nobody wants to talk about it?

Personally, I'm trying not to form an opinion until I get a book on .NET
and see if this new feature offers anything I can use.  I hope it does
because I see very few of the version 6 "wish list" items addressed and
I think the development "look and feel" has taken a step backward.  I
definitely dislike the new properties menu approach - it obscures the
functionality, requires more effort/time to use, and takes up screen

Comments anyone?


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