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vrf AW: VEE 6.2 and Import Library object

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 26, 2004

I am using Vee pro 6.2 to control an experiment setup. The
problem I decribe below showed up after the pc was
upgraded to windows xp and I reinstalled vee.

During the invocation of  the matlab script engine a
dialog box appears saying "The specified module could not
be found." and on the title bar a dll file name is
displayed. When OK is pressed a new dialog box appears
with the same message but an other dll file. This goes on
several times. But after this comes to an end and the
program is run again, these dialogs do not appear and the
program works without any problem.

I figured out that these dll files are the ones located in
the matlab inwin32 directory. I tried registering matlab
with the command "matlab.exe /regserver" but it did not

Thanks in advance.



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