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vrf Matlab question

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 1, 2004
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2004 by bill.ossmann

<font size=3 face="Times New Roman">Hi,</font><p><font size=3 face="Times New Roman">I am using VEE 6.2 to write my programs and Matlab (within VEE ) to show the results. I have two question;</font><p><font size=3 face="Times New Roman">1- Is it possible programmatically to move the graphs in Matlab to front? I mean , if it is possible to see the graph even if I do something on VEE panel.</font><p><font size=3 face="Times New Roman">2- Is it possible to have markers on the Matlab graph (like VEE markers on X vs Y plot)?</font><p><p><font size=3 face="Times New Roman">Any feedback would be appreciated.

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