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vrf DLL's and header files

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 3, 2004
> But I'm fairly sure there should be a comma between
> the first float and double.


> I know this is related to dependencies, but I don't know
> what my dll depends on.

There is a program distributed with MSVC called depends.exe that can show
you dependencies. It will even mark dependencies that can't be found in any
of the usual places. The command line tool dumpbin.exe can also do it in a
round-about way: dumpbin /imports <file.dll>. It will list all the imports
of file.dll. Of course then you have to recurse those to see what they
depend on... depends.exe does it all in one fell swoop.

AAMOF upon checking up on it I found that this is a part of the SDK and is
free. If you need it I can send it private. It's 331K.

> Ho hum... such is life

Well if there's a fair amount of money involved they'll probably do whatever
they can to sell you stuff   Who's the vendor? The param cAxis has me
thinking of motion control but I don't recognize it so it's not MEI.

In general you shouldn't have a problem calling the dll. Even if calling the
char param an int doesn't work then you can always create a wrapper dll that
accepts parameters from VEE and passes them along to the other dll in their
proper sizes. The code is really simple:

BOOL DllExport Call_C843_STE(int iId, int cAxis, double dOffset)
{return C843_STE(iId, (char)cAxis, dOffset);}

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