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vrf DLL's and header files

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 3, 2004
> Its Physik Instrumente of Germany

Ahh. I was gonna go there and see if I could find anything VEE helpful but
if it's in German I'm afraid I'd be lost!

> I'm doing a favour for a colleague

Ah yes! I remember now! I have two unhappy customers out there and they're
both the result of this type of thing. Uh-oh! Three. One was mine to begin
with. And it was TI for cryin' out loud! I somehow managed to fry a Z-World
microcontroller to be used in a Wayne-Kerr and they showed me the door
I'm pretty sure it was static. Just goes to show you can never be to careful
about that.

There was an incident with said MEI also. My intention was to demonstrate
positional accuracy with a robotic arm under program control. The goal was
to set the arm down on an ID micrometer under manual control. Then return
the arm to home, cycle power, find home and reset the previous position
under program control to within four thousandths. Very simple. The problem
was that Z home was below the mic's position and when I commanded the arm
home it promptly pulverized the micrometer. OOPS! There I was with Eaton
Controls' best engineers watching me pick my jaw up off the floor. Talk
about embarrassing! Fortunately they were not real concerned and they all
got a good laugh out of it. Naturally I'm much smarter now. The Z axis is
always withdrawn completely at high speed first, then X,Y is found, then Z
drops into place.

It occurred to me later that we probably should have defined the coordinate
space with Z = 0 at the top. As it was we put 0 in the center of the
reachable range. Ah hindsight.

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