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vrf Vee and the HP8990A PPA

Question asked by VRFuser on May 16, 2004
Hi Alex

I recently changed a HP8991A to HP8990A in an old test system. I found out that
it was slower in response and trace did not update fast enough. It triggered but
measurements were taken from old data. I corrected the fault "quick and dirty"
way adding 200ms delay before actual measurement.

Seppo Forssell
ATE Engineer


> Hi all,
> Has anyone used an HP8990A Peak Power analyser with Vee? - in particular
> the waveform:data? command used to get the trace data..
> Seems to run for 10-12 sweeps then trace locks up - even though analyser
> seems to happily thinks it's still triggering/running...
> If anyone's used this before with this rather old instrument could you let
> me know???
> Many thanks,
> Alex.

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