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vrf Prob... err.. Challenges with MAtlab plotting - Please help

Question asked by tapio.ronkainen on May 19, 2004
Hello Bill & Andy

Thanks for examples, I will open these on monday and check them out.

Man this VFR beats all helps desk hands down!

I remenber once I had to ask somehing rather simple about MS excel and I tried to use our "very expensive" MS expert system. The help desk service was something that you could see on a Dilbert strip (Dogbert's help desk .

Again thanks! I think I have all the pieces in hand now,


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     Phew! One like this makes you glad for higher level plotting routines. As
     Andy said, the Matlab Polar() function is not very useful. The attached
     example should give you a good start. Nothing real difficult here, just
     tedious. The dbscale input is a 1D array with your desired scale circle
     Bill Ossmann
     Philips Ultrasound
     (See attached file: PlotProblem.vee)
     Hello VFR,
     I have (once again) exhausted my MATlab wisdom (the little I have) and
     cannot figure out a simple way to solve these 2 cases. If you can help, I
     would be very happy.
     I have a similar plots in Vee itself and they work just as they should, but
     since I cannot take a metafile (vector format) copy of the Vee plot object
     (or can I?), I need to use MATlab to plot them. So that I can copy them to
     report (this part works nicely).
     The attached example show's the problem.
     1. I try to plot a polar pattern (a radiation pattern) that shows the
     maximum emission as further away from the center of the ring and minimum
     emission being closer to the center. The dummy data has angle and amplitude
     data. Since data needs to be presented in dBm's, I need to use negative
     numbers in plot. MATlab seems to convert them to positive number
     automatically. Is there a workaround etc?
     2. The X-axis has auto "scientific" numbering... How to turn that off?
     I have read the MATlab manual quite heavily, but since the MATlab approach
     on things is quite different that in Vee I have hard time to fix this.
     Hopefully these are "stupid questions" that has quick and easy answer
     BR, Tapio Ronkainen
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