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vrf Jumping from one input to another

Question asked by engchneo on Jun 29, 2004
Hello Vinod,

Thanks for your help. It works. This technique uses 'tab' a few times to
get the 'enter' function right?

Can I use "F1" or other keys to achieve the effect as well? Is there a
solution for it?

Tried to use oWsh.SendKeys("{Enter}") but this doesn't work for me.

Thanks again.

Warm Regards,

Eng Chye, Neo (Rongcai, Liang)

Measurement Application Engineer
Asia Measurement Response Center
Measurement Application Services
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

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Hello Eng Chye,

--- "NEO,ENG-CHYE (A-Singapore,ex1)" <> wrote:

> Can I include the function such that after I input in the first box,
> and by pressing 'enter' or any other key I so choose, to move to
> another 'entry' box, either to the right first or downwards.

Check out if the attached example works for you...


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