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vrf FW: arbot Configuring/changing Access Databases fr

Question asked by detlef.baranski on Jun 9, 2004
I have heard rumors about that....Viruses + Trojans from an artificial
intelligence - email robot of VRF called Shawn or so....

Maybe best thing to overcome theses blocking problems is to use the
Vee-built in "bin to ascii " and vice versa program - like in the old days
of  7 bit transfer.

You can found an excample under VEE 7  -Dotnet : TextEncodedBinary.vee

" Base64 Encoding - Converting Binary into a Text Representation

Demonstrates how to use the .NET Framework classes to encode binary data as
text using Base64 and then convert the Base64 text encoded binary back to
binary form.  You can use this technique to send binary data in a text email
if you didn't have access to file attachments."

I think this was also mentioned before....
More convenient for sure is a web site. Thanks, Shawn !

best regards,

-----Ursprngliche Nachricht-----
Von: Shawn Fessenden []
Gesendet: 08 June 2004 17:53
Betreff: [vrf] RE: FW: arbot RE: Configuring/changing Access Databases
from VEE

> "To volunteer for the next round of layoffs be the first in
> your group to rename an extension and run a virus program."

Heheh! That would definitely work.

OH MY! I just told everybody to rename a file for CtrlHelp!   No worries
folks. Black Cat Software *never* releases any viruses of it's own. Though
if you think about it, technically several of my VEE programs are trojans
with dll payloads.

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